Sohrab Vakil is The Visionary of Maxore

Sohrab Vakil is the owner and visionary behind Maxore Limited – a Hong Kong based privately owned firm he established to access existing opportunities within the mining and energy resource industry. Leading the team of high-caliber experts in the field, Vakil himself brings to the helm a maturity of comprehension from the fiscal markets in which he has worked.

Having held key positions in Capital Markets for over 20+ years, Sohrab Vakil also brings global expertise to this investment firm. Leading strategic decisions for the firm’s investments, he has successfully optimized risk-adjusted returns in his career to date. Vakil holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Minnesota University) and an MBA (University of Chicago).

Today, Sohrab Vakil is able to bring his experience – from the classroom, the trading room and the mining and energy industry – to his team and clients at Maxmore. Guiding his investors to oil, gas and geothermal energy companies (together with mining companies that boast advance strategic assets), Vakil’s vision of the creation of a diverse mining portfolio for the firm is coming to fruition.